My Curious Signature

“What is the meaning behind your curious signature?” I hear this question often. Today, I will share the story behind my signature. Grab your favorite cup of coffee (don’t forget some chocolate!) and take a walk with me down memory lane.

 “What is the meaning behind your curious signature?”

It was the fall of 1999. I had a  friend who moved to Michigan. We would take time to write each other almost every day. We would share what the Lord was doing in our hearts and our homes. I enjoyed those precious chats. We talked about everything. Fun, serious, political even educational conversations, spurring each other on in our homeschooling adventures. Often, we signed our letters with different signatures. Each signature would represent the “mood” for the day. For example, one day I might sign my name as, “A Handmaiden Hiding in Him.” Another day I might sign as, “A Thankful Servant” and so forth.

We did this for months.

One day, as I finished up a letter, my Joe walked into the room and began reading over my shoulder. In a teasing jester, I signed my name as Mrs. Joseph Wood. To my surprise, my Joe’s face lit up! He began to reminisce about his childhood. Telling me how he loved seeing his Momma get letters and magazines in the mail after his father’s death. They were always addressed to, Mrs. Bernard Wood.

“Oh how happy I am that you would want to use my name.” he told me.

I will never forget his joy. The way he hugged me and the smile that remained on his face for such a long time. All because of a silly signature. I was honestly surprised. It was evident to me that his mother’s signature inspired him.

At that moment, I decided I would forever change my signature.

In honor of my Joe, I have been Mrs. Joseph Wood ever since that day.

There have been times when I started to feel nervous about my decision. Moments when I would start to worry about what people must think. The Lord would always remind me that it is not for me to worry about, I just need to keep doing all I can to bless my dear Joe. Somehow, in some way, the Lord sees my heart desire to bless my Joe, and He is blessed by it as well.

My Curious Signature

So there you have it, friend, I’ve come to the end of my coffee just in time. Now you know exactly how my signature forever became Mrs. Joseph Wood.

Until our next chat,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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